Singtel and DocuSign launch e-signature solution on SaaS portal

Singtel and DocuSign have partnered to launch a cloud solution that allows for faster document authorization and more effective tracking, with the use of electronic signatures in secure ways.

The solution is aimed at businesses undergoing digital transformation that need to upgrade their workflows and approval processes and keep digital records of them. Continue reading “Singtel and DocuSign launch e-signature solution on SaaS portal”

The State of Fintech in Laos

If you attend any tech conference with a panel discussing VC investments, you will most likely hear that Southeast Asia is the growth market to invest in over the next 15 years. So far though, research concludes that Southeast Asia remains underpenetrated by Venture Capital Firms or Angel Investors. VC panelists at IBM Connect 2017 highlighted that Southeast Asia’s venture ecosystem reminded them of China’s early days. Continue reading “The State of Fintech in Laos”