Singapore says global shopping now a reality with bluGate

For many time-strapped individuals, e-commerce is now the preferred mode of shopping, as a new pair of shoes can be just a few clicks away. Shoppers can, however, find themselves waiting several days for the arrival of their latest purchase – that is, if the retailer delivers to their doorstep. But as consumers in the US can attest to, some deliveries just don’t make it to the consumer’s preferred address especially if the ordered items are being shipped from a distant country.

Singapore startup blu says the days of late or failed delivery are gone. Thanks to bluGate – a flexible virtual shipping address that allows consumers to shop at any online store worldwide and conveniently self-collect purchases through blu’s network of 49 bluPort Parcel Terminals across the city.

With bluGate, the company claims that a shopper now has 49 locations to choose from – depending on their lifestyle preferences and where they want to collect their purchases. The 49 locations are conveniently and strategically located within commuters’ reach at prime locations like shopping malls, office buildings, Cheers convenience stores, and even Esso petrol stations.

Using the same bluGate virtual address, shoppers can now arrange for delivery of their orders to a bluPort near their office, for easy collection.

“bluGate seeks to be a part of the shopper’s daily commuting journey, while facilitating the communication and engagement between retailer and customer. We place the consumer at the heart of the journey by giving them the freedom of choice to purchase from their preferred retailers and at the same time, have the flexibility to collect their purchases according to their expectations and lifestyle,” explained Prashant Dadlani, founder of blu.

He claims that with bluGate, shoppers can now shop anywhere online with peace of mind regardless of their busy schedules.

bluPorts have been in operation since October 2016 allowing local retailers to offer the first same-day self-collection option in Singapore using a system that integrates several retail logistics solutions under one roof. These include warehousing, order and inventory management, automated fulfillment, and last-mile logistics.

The launch of bluGate puts freedom and choice in shoppers’ hands, as they can now arrange for self-collection of items from any retailers worldwide, even those that have yet to be a part of blu’s network.

Source: Enterprise Innovation